We Awoke On The Edge Of This Winter
Watercolor and Ink on Rives BFK Paper. Framed. 22"x30".

Another New World
Watercolor and Ink on Rives BFK Paper. Framed. 14" x 21".

Watercolor and ink on Rives BFK. 15"x22". Framed.

Ocular Relief
Watercolor and ink on Rives BFK Paper. 15"x22". Framed.

Flux Residential
Watercolor, ink and aerosol on Rives BFK Paper. Framed. 12"x16".





2015 | Beautiful Squalor, two person show with Jesse Reno, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ
Meta Structures, two person show with Brian Robertson, Black Book Gallery, Denver CO

2014 | Innate Practices, two person show with Marcelo Macedo, Low Gallery, San Diego, CA
Aether Ceremony, Black Book Gallery, Denver, CO

2013 | Your Vulnerability Makes You Beautiful, Loakal Gallery, Oakland, CA
Home Again, Home Again, Lequivive Gallery, Oakland CA

2012 | The Reptilian Brain in Autumn, Gildar Gallery, Denver CO
We’re all just Colors, Wallfarmers Gallery, Courtenay BC

2011 | Migrations, two person show with Brian Robertson, lliterate Gallery, Denver CO

2010 | R’fuah, Pawn Works, Chicago, IL

2009 | Ghosts of Industry, Push Gallery, Asheville, NC

2008 | Niche Living, two person show with Mike Gallegos, Indy Ink, Denver CO

2007 | The Rocktapus Flies, Pravus Gallery, Phoenix, AZ



2015 | The Ballasted Frequencies, Maxwell Colette Gallery, Chicago, IL
Platinum Blend, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2014 | Process of Purpose curated show at Lequivive Gallery, Oakland, CA
Edition Art Fair Chicago with Vertical Gallery
Scope Art Fair New York with Black Book Gallery

2013 |  Scope Art Fair Miami with Black Book Gallery
Drawable curated by Rich Jacobs, FLA/Cinders Gallery Gainesville, FL
Neu Folk Revival curated show at Lequivive Gallery, Oakland, CA
Just Another Group Show in conjunction with Semi Permanent Melbourne, AUS
Fountain Art Fair Chicago w ithVertical Gallery
Art Auction 15 Long Beach Museum of Art Long Beach, CA
Group Show 2, Gildar Gallery, Denver CO

2012 | Fresh Produce, Anno Domini gallery, San Jose CA
All in it together now, Believe Inn, Chicago IL

2010 | Re:form school, presented by the Hole NYC, New York, NY
G4 show, Art Whino, Washington DC

2009 | Life Essentials, Art Whino @ Art Basel, Miami, FL
Where the Wild Things Are curated grand opening of Illiterate, Denver, CO
Something Outside my Window, C.A.V.E., Los Angeles, CA
Auction #14-Long Beach Museum of Art
Variety Show, Halogen Gallery, Seattle, WA
No Annunciar, Andenken Gallery, Denver, CO
Young Blood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
Wallfarmers Launch Vancouver, BC