About: David Polka is a visual artist and graphic designer currently based in Oakland, CA. Originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico, he is a graduate of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and has been exhibiting work professionally since 2006. Drawing inspiration from abandoned and neglected places, stories and people, Polka’s work distills the ephemeral nature of human experience into a visual record of accumulated memories and emotions. Flowing, abstract forms envelop figures weary from loss and hardship in an exploration of transitory connections, revealing the lines connecting different facets of our existence with irrevocable patterns of life and death, destruction and rebirth.


Ink on Paper. 5"x7" Framed. 2015

Ink on Paper. 5"x7" Framed. 2015


Brooklyn Street Art
Made Life - Interview
Made Life - Video
SF Street Art
Oak Town Indie Mayhem
East Bay Express - Interview



Solo Exhibitions
2006- Juvenile Dystopiate - Yale Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

2007 - Notes From The Otherground - 3rd Street Artspace, Albuquerque, NM   

2009 - What We Left Behind - Bright Rain Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
                        In Abandon - Cirq Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

2012 - New Work - Roscoe Ceramic Gallery, Oakland, CA

2014 - Vanitas - Madelife, Boulder, CO
                       Four Archetypes - CCSF Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2015 - Night Songs - Good Mother Gallery, Oakland, CA
Ballad of the Broken Body - Betti Ono Gallery, Oakland, CA


Group Exhibitions
Sweeping of Giants - Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery, Oakland, CA
World Saving Device - Hive Studios & Gallery, Oakland, CA
Endless Canvas presents: Special Delivery III - Carbon Warehouse, Berkeley, CA
  Stand Tall III - Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery, Oakland, CA
Solano Alley: Under the Radar - RockPaperScissors Collective, Oakland, CA

Strike-Slip - Faultline Artspace, Oakland, CA Hyperbolic Geometry
(Two-person exhibition w/ ESK Evan Wilson) - Le Qui Vive Gallery, Oakland, CA

Beacons - Faultline Artspace, Oakland, CA The Passage - Orinda Public Library, Orinda, CA


5G Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

Street Mystic (Collaborative mural w/ Ernest Doty & Thomas Christopher Haag) Classic Cars West, Oakland, CA
Three Magi (Collaborative mural w/ Ernest Doty & Thomas Christopher Haag) Uptown Body & Fender, Oakland, CA
Heavy Elements (Collaborative mural w/ Santos Shelton & Joshua Mays) - 17th & Peralta, Oakland, CA

Collaborative mural w/ ESK Evan Wilson & Ben Slow - Olive & Larkin, San Francisco, CA
Collaborative mural w/ Brett Flanigan, Ernest Doty, Cannon Dill, & Koleo - Fruitvale & E12th, Oakland, CA

Sparkarts (interior mural), Oakland, CA Private residence (interior mural), Oakland, CA
Madelife, Boulder, CO Metaphysical Creation Myth - Collaborative mural w/ Ernest Doty, Bartlett H.S., Anchorage, AK

Counsyl (interior mural), San Francisco, CA
Clift Hotel (interior mural), San Francisco, CA
Old Crow Tattoo, Oakland, CA