About:  Based out of Oakland, California. A self taught artist, Hampe’s paintings explore themes of romance, deterioration, and elegance that he visualizes through textual and architectural inspiration. His process of layering and refinement result in a painting that contains a story rooted in conversation with classical masters, graffiti artists, and his environment.

Dan Hampe’s style is rooted in the romance of expression. With themes that reflect the expressionists, as well as the romantics that precede him. Hampe aims to have a conversation with the viewer, by inviting them into his familiar yet, surreal world of geometric shapes, layers of drippy oil paint, and perspectives. His subjects often exemplify elegance, abundance, and luxury and are placed within a deteriorating environment. Hampe combines architectural perspective, raw gestural brush strokes, and text to realize his fragmented images portraying what he calls, “The beautiful decay”