About: Born in Orlando, Florida and raised in the Bay Area, Cannon Dill currently resides in Oakland as part of a thriving artist community. Drawing is the foundation of his style and his works are largely monochromatic and deeply textural. He started drawing at an early age to express his obsession with folk-tales and exploring nature. That focus is evident throughout his work which incorporates environmental undertones and personal symbolism to facilitate layered storytelling. Images like wolves, hands, key holes, fractals, bricks and houses have appeared in his work at different stages of his life, as he explores his understanding of his surroundings, personal growth and metamorphoses.




Oakland Art Enthusiast
Juxtapoz - Interview
East Bay Express

Solo & Duo Exhibitions

2015 | In My Own Time | Spoke Art. San Francisco, CA
 Rapid Density with artist Ian Ferguson | Campfire Gallery. San Francisco, CA
2014 | White Forest Noise with artist Brett Flanigan | Lequivive Gallery. Oakland, CA
2013 | Heavy Water | Lequivive Gallery. Oakland, CA

Group Exhibitions

2016 | Moleskin Group Exhibition | Spoke Art. San Francisco, CA
2015 | Alchemy | Inner State Gallery. Detroit, MI

Ballasted Frequencies | Maxwell Colette. Chicago, IL
House Warming | Athen B. Gallery | Oakland
Moleskin Group Exhibition | Spoke Art. San Francisco, CA