Aaron Kai x Alexandar Suelto

"Some Kind of Way"
Acrylic on Canvas.  3x4ft. 2015.

Ad Deville x Lea Heinrich

LIKE, like   -   like, LIKE
Found Material on Painted Wood with Hand Finishing. 15"x20". 2015.
$1,500 Each

Brett Flanigan x Jean Nagai

Watercolor on Paper in Sculpture.  Framed. 24"x30". 2015.

Bunnie Reiss x David Marc Grant

"On Critter Island"
Acrylic on Paper. Framed. 23"x27". 2015.
$1,500 - SOLD

Caleb Hahne x Molly Bounds

"Not A Story Of Triumph"
Acrylic on Wood Panel. 22x30 Inches. 2015.

Casey Gray x Kelly Tunstall

Acrylic and Aerosol on Wood Panel. 20"x30". 2015.

C3 x Whitney Jade Fairhurst

"Induction of Abner, 1771"
Mixed Media on Paper. 16"x20". Framed. 2015

Daryll Peirce x Jon Carling

Acrylic and Ink on Birch Panel. 36"x56". 2015.

David Bray x Lauren Napolitano

"The Way / The Feel"
Acrylic and Ink on wood Panel. 24"x29". 2015.

David Polka x John Felix Arnold III

Mixed Media on Wood Panel. 23"x26". 2015.

Derek Bruno x Martina Merlini

"Untitled collaboration : Texture and Color"
Mixed Media on Wood Panels. 36 x 36 inches. Framed.  2015.

Erik Otto x Mark Warren Jacques

"On the Horizon"
Mixed media on Wood Panel. 20"x20". 2015
$2,000 - SOLD

ESK x Hunter De La Ghetto

Mixed Media Sculpture / Installation

Gaia x Nanook

Acrylic on Mylar. Framed. 23"x28". 2015.

Hydeon x Max Kauffman

"Untitled 1-4"
Mixed Media on Paper.  Framed. 11"x13". 2015.
$500 Each

Kate Klingbeil x Katherine Rutter

"It's our picnic fantasy and we will eat seaside sausages & burn our buns if we want to"
Mixed Media on Panel. 40"x 54". 2015.

Lauren YS x Meryl Pataky

"Future Fem"
Acrylic on Wood Panel with Neon. Framed. 25"x43". 2015.

Lunar New Year x Mata Ruda

"Te Recuerdo Como Eras / I Remember You As You Were"
Oil Painting on Canvas. 36"x81".  2015.

Moneyless x StenLex

Aerosol on Wood Panel. 24"x35".  2015.